1. The Clinical Trial

We just got the official word that Wyatt has been accepted into the clinical trial at Stanford University! We will need to travel to Stanford approximately 12 more times over the course of the next year.

These trips are VERY expensive as they require at least 2 plane tickets round trip, a hotel, a rental car and meals while we're there.

Thanks to Wyatt's Grandpa and Grandma Licavoli, the first trip has been paid for. Wyatt's Great Grandmothers also gave generously and their help is very much appreciated .

We are still a long way from meeting our planned expenses of almost $13,000 but we're on our way.

2. Get a Pump

Our next goal is to figure out how to get an insulin pump for Wyatt. Although it is NOT a cure, a pump will help us do the job of Wyatt's pancreas more efficiently by allowing us to give smaller doses of insulin throughout the whole day without injections.

The good news for Wyatt is, if he wants that extra cookie, he can have it without having to get an extra shot. For Wyatt to go from 5-7 shots a day to only 1 site change every 3 days would be a huge relief for his skin and for his mind.

Insulin pumps are horribly expensive to buy and maintain. The pump itself is approximately $10,000 and the supplies to keep it running can cost $200 per month or more. (This will be all out of pocket for us as we do not have and cannot currently afford health insurance)

3. Sell our house

If Type 1 has taught us anything, it's that we need to start living a more simple lifestyle and be able to spend more time taking care of Wyatt and less time trying to pay for a house.

Our house is up for sale and hopefully it will find a buyer sometime soon. For now the plan is to rent a small apartment or live with Trina's parents until we can get back on our feet and move forward into a new future.

We're not asking for any help for our personal financial situation, only for Wyatt's medical necessities. We are making the adjustments necessary and will continue to do so.

4. Continue to Build and Run our Business

Our portrait studio is growing all the time and we still hope to be able to continue to provide the high quality photography and products our clients have come to love.

While it is difficult to maintain our own business through this transition, we will do our best to deliver the service our customers expect. We still think our business is our way out of this mess, if we can only hold on long enough for it to grow into the business we know it can be.

If you're interested you can learn more at www.azphotosolutions.com

5. Build and Run a Foundation for Kids in Situations Similar to Wyatt's.

Trina and I have been working on setting up a foundation to help support families that have a child diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. We hope to be able to raise money so other families won't have to suffer the way we have.

More information will be posted here at Type1Family.com as soon as we can move forward with the foundation.

6. Changing the Face of Type 1 Diabetes Through Education, Personal Stories, and Hard Work

Finally, the goal of this website is to educate people on the reality of living life with a Type 1 Diabetic child. While every story is indeed unique, we hope to share ours and eventually others to give others an understanding of the effects of this disease on the entire family.

We will be posting information on our individual blogs, as well as adding to this website in hopes of explaining away some misconceptions and sharing our knowledge.